Since 2008 and prior to the retail market, La Vanille supplies homemade ice cream to 5 stars hotels, fine dining restaurants and other food service venues all over Thailand.


La Vanille offers an extensive range of ice cream and sorbet flavors – more than 50 and more to come – available in 1,5 Liters and 4 Liters for the use of ice cream parlors, hotels, catering, restaurants, coffee shops…

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Besides producing artisanal ice cream and sorbet, La Vanille also manufactures Pastry and Bakery Fruit Products, made out of imported and local fruits and imports Dairy, Pastry and Bakery Ingredients from Europe.

These ingredients are used in the crafting of our ice cream but we also supply them to our valued food service customers.


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Authenticity of flavors since 1905

Since 1905 Pamplie butter is made from the cream of pasteurized milk from Poitou- Charentes farms, using natural culture and slow churning. The Pamplie butter’s quality and integrity benefits from the AOP Protected Designation of Origin label. The slow and artisanal process enhances the cream’s qualities, resulting in a final product with firm consistency, pale color, and rich flavor with hints of hazelnuts.


Natural high quality cost efficient butter

BRIOIS, founded in 1935 by Gilbert Briois in Violaines, is a benchmark player in the molding, packaging and distribution of butter. A family-owned company. BRIOIS boasts extensive experience and wide-ranging know-how to improve its range of butters and the quality of its products. The production methods are traditional and specific to the region, famous worldwide for the quality of the milk produced.


A unique French chocolate

The delicate art of blending is the core of Weiss business : find the right combination of beans to bring out the aromatic potential of each, and establish the perfect balance between bitterness and acidity to reveal a truly unique taste. Weiss master chocolate- maker combines a selection of beans to reveal the taste of Weiss: Rounded, with toasted notes, and just the right amount of sweetness.


Professional chocolate from Belgium

Veliche is a chocolate brand with a long established heritage in producing fine quality chocolate from the Kingdom of Belgium. Rich in character and complex in flavour, yet remarkably workable, Veliche is dedicated to artisans, with purity and simplicity at its heart. Every step of the journey, from sourcing the best beans to producing exquisite Belgian chocolate, is overseen by a team of experts.


Supplier of fresh and frozen fruits

The Sicoly cooperative was created in 1962 in the Rhone Valley with the coming together of producers for the purpose of promoting their fruit. Sicoly mission is not simply to process the fruit, but primarily to maintain its original freshness and flavour by combining the highest quality fruits, picked at optimal ripeness in their orchards or from trusted partners, with the very best in technology and food safety systems.


Your local processed fruit supplier

PURE offers you the best quality fruits and homemade recipes. Fruits are sourced locally in Thailand or from the best orchard of Europe, India and South America then manufactured in Thailand using homemade recipes to produce fruit purees, jams and fruit fillings.


Tahiti finest vanilla

For more than 17 years, Alain Abel team’s has been helping to promote the refined flavouring of Tahiti vanilla for discerning consumers, not just by cultivating it, but also by preparing it and exporting it to the four corners of the earth, with love, pride and passion.


Your vanilla specialist

For more than 30 years Eurovanille has been in the natural vanilla business, using the best varieties from around the world to import the best vanilla pods, processing them and packing them with great care to make sure their clients all around the world get the best vanilla products possible : pods, powders, extracts, flavours, concentrates…