Since 2008, La Vanille promotes quality, simplicity and taste through crafting traditional ice cream and using responsibly sourced natural ingredients.

We think ice cream should be pure, all natural and taste as fresh as possible. That is why we utilize only the best fresh ingredients to create classic flavor combinations as well as unique flavors.



While La Vanille first started supplying professionals, we are now please to offer the same quality to individual customers both in retail venues and online delivery through 100 ml cups and 480 ml pints.

Despite the fact that we are going on since 2008, we still buzz with the vibrant energy we had at the very beginning and keep on trying to make better ice cream, offer more flavors and continue to source the best ingredients.

Our commitment to quality ingredients and delicious ice cream, to our customers and to our local and international purveyors remains as constant as it was when we first started out.

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To make our ice cream, it all begins with perfect custard which consists of nothing more than farm-fresh milk and cream, egg yolks and sugar – we actually scaled back on the sugar content to let the individual flavors really pop.

To create our sorbet we like to keep them simple: with clean flavor and light texture: mineral water, sugar, maybe a little acid to brighten things up and that’s pretty much it.

Then we add quality flavor ingredients so you can actually taste the flavor and nothing else.


Ingredients selection is one of the most important phase of preparation.

We want the flavor ingredients to match the quality of our base so we search for quality producers that share our ideals. We engage with our local community for the best possible local ingredients but we also want to source the best ingredients we taste in our travels worldwide.

For example, we are using vanilla beans from Madagascar and Tahiti, exquisite chocolate from Belgium, young coconut from Thailand, Matcha green tea powder from Japan, pistachios from Italy, AOP French butter from Poitou Charente .

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